→ Why « Place Gre’net » ?

Pun apart, which obviously refers to Grenoble and the Internet, it is a must-mee­ting place of the Alps” capi­tal. The « place Grenette », his­to­ri­cal refe­rence at the heart of the city centre, is syno­ny­mous with mee­ting, life and exchange. A strong sym­bol which reflects our local roots and the par­ti­ci­pa­tive spi­rit of the place.While the gene­ral trend is for short articles and snap­shot reports, often without any hind­sight, we wish to give our­selves time to inves­ti­gate and ana­lyze, without sacri­fi­cing to news requi­re­ments. We also want to include a mul­ti­me­dia pro­ces­sing. Our wish is to make the best use of the Web’s pos­si­bi­li­ties, com­bi­ning texts, images, sounds and videos, without for­get­ting inter­ac­tive com­pu­ter gra­phics empha­si­zing the col­lec­ted data. Besides, Place Gre’net is part of a par­ti­ci­pa­tory approach. We are the­re­fore open to exchanges and pro­po­sals with regard to the choice of sub­jects and the treat­ment of infor­ma­tion, either with the form or directly via public mee­tings in situ.

→ What is our edi­to­rial line ?

Place Gre’net, which does not belong to any publi­shing conglo­me­rate, has total edi­to­rial inde­pen­dence. The web­site is clearly apo­li­ti­cal, the objec­tive being only to deli­ver qua­lity infor­ma­tion, that is also sor­ted, che­cked and put in pers­pec­tive, with due regard to ethics. Ethics, inde­pen­dence and pre­ci­sion, three values often mishand­led in the media, are the gui­ding prin­ciples for Place Gre’net.Besides, while the team has no limit in the choice of sub­jects, it does not intend to give too much impor­tance to back pages or spor­ting events, already widely trea­ted. Political, eco­no­mic and social events are on the other hand our main concerns, such as scien­ti­fic and tech­ni­cal sub­jects, or even envi­ron­men­tal issues, which are also part of the cur­rent key issues.Grenoble’s geo­gra­phi­cal loca­tion explains, fur­ther­more, that the moun­tain has a dedi­ca­ted sec­tion on Place Gre’net. Finally, the cultu­ral dyna­mism of the town jus­ti­fies the pro­minent posi­tion gran­ted to this the­ma­tic, inclu­ding a selec­tion of shows and events.

→ Who are we targeting ?

Place Gre’net addresses all citi­zens from the Grenoble area and its neigh­bou­rhood, who are loo­king for local infor­ma­tion of qua­lity on the Web. Also to the more invol­ved citi­zens wan­ting to contri­bute indi­rectly to the choice of sub­jects trea­ted on Place Gre’net.Apart from the French and English-spea­king people living in the region, Place Gre’net also addresses Grenoble’s expa­triates abroad or in other French cities. A way to keep in touch with the town and remain infor­med about what is going on in Grenoble.

→ Is access to the articles free ?

Only par­tially. A sub­scrip­tion is nee­ded for unli­mi­ted access to the web­site. Thus there is two levels of infor­ma­tion : – a first level in free access ; – a second level only avai­lable by sub­scrip­tion, rich in sub­jects of gene­ral inter­est, inves­ti­ga­tions, reports, meti­cu­lous por­traits, inter­ac­tive maps…

→ How is your pro­ject financed ?

We chose a mixed model inclu­ding sub­scrip­tions and adver­ti­se­ment. This see­med to us the most rele­vant way to assure the via­bi­lity of the web­site and its inde­pen­dence, since it offers two com­ple­men­tary sources of income Besides, we are com­mit­ted to kee­ping a total imper­mea­bi­lity bet­ween the edi­to­rial board and the adver­ti­sers, both public and pri­vate, and to resis­ting poli­ti­cal, finan­cial or com­mer­cial influence. Within that fra­me­work, we refuse to publish any adver­to­rial or any sub­si­di­sed articles.

→ What about inter­n­ships within the edi­to­rial board ?

Place Gre’net wel­comes trai­nee jour­na­lists who are fini­shing their stu­dies. These trai­nees are totally invol­ved in the daily edi­to­rial board’s pro­gram and we make sure that they can pro­pose an edi­to­rial content res­pec­ting the prin­ciples set out above. If you are inter­es­ted in joi­ning the team, please contact us via the Place Gre’net form.