Frequently asked questions

→ Why « Place Gre’net »?
Pun apart, which obviously refers to Grenoble and the Internet, it is a must-meeting place of the Alps’ capital. The « place Grenette », historical reference at the heart of the city centre, is synonymous with meeting, life and exchange. A strong symbol which reflects our local roots and the participative spirit of the place.
→ Read the difference… But what difference?
While the general trend is for short articles and snapshot reports, often without any hindsight, we wish to give ourselves time to investigate and analyze, without sacrificing to news requirements. We also want to include a multimedia processing. Our wish is to make the best use of the Web’s possibilities, combining texts, images, sounds and videos, without forgetting interactive computer graphics emphasizing the collected data.
Besides, Place Gre’net is part of a participatory approach. We are therefore open to exchanges and proposals with regard to the choice of subjects and the treatment of information, either with the form « La parole est @ vous » or directly via public meetings in situ.
Our section « Blogs », including well-known figures selected by the editorial staff for their freedom of speech, also aim to animate the democratic debate of the town.
Finally, some of the contents are available in English in the section « Place Gre’net in English« . A way to involve even more citizens, in particular the English-speaking community living in Grenoble, which is the second biggest community of France after the one in Paris.
→ What is our editorial line?
Place Gre’net, which does not belong to any publishing conglomerate, has total editorial independence. The website is clearly apolitical, the objective being only to deliver quality information, that is also sorted, checked and put in perspective, with due regard to ethics. Ethics, independence and precision, three values often mishandled in the media, are the guiding principles for Place Gre’net.
Besides, while the team has no limit in the choice of subjects, it does not intend to give too much importance to back pages or sporting events, already widely treated. Political, economic and social events are on the other hand our main concerns, such as scientific and technical subjects, or even environmental issues, which are also part of the current key issues. Grenoble’s geographical location explains, furthermore, that the mountain has a dedicated section on Place Gre’net. Finally, the cultural dynamism of the town justifies the prominent position granted to this thematic, including a selection of shows and events.
→ Who are we targeting?
Place Gre’net addresses all citizens from the Grenoble area and its neighbourhood, who are looking for local information of quality on the Web. Also to the more involved citizens wanting to contribute indirectly to the choice of subjects treated on Place Gre’net.
Apart from the French and English-speaking people living in the region, Place Gre’net also addresses Grenoble’s expatriates abroad or in other French cities. A way to keep in touch with the town and remain informed about what is going on in Grenoble.
→ Is access to the articles free?
Only partially. A subscription is needed for unlimited access to the website. Thus there is two levels of information:
– a first level in free access;- a second level only available by subscription, rich in subjects of general interest, investigations, reports, meticulous portraits, interactive maps…

How is your project financed ?
We chose a mixed model including subscriptions and advertisement. This seemed to us the most relevant way to assure the viability of the website and its independence, since it offers two complementary sources of income.
Besides, we are committed to keeping a total impermeability between the editorial board and the advertisers, both public and private, and to resisting political, financial or commercial influence. Within that framework, we refuse to publish any advertorial or any subsidised articles.
→ What about internships within the editorial board?
Place Gre’net welcomes trainee journalists who are finishing their studies. These trainees are totally involved in the daily editorial board’s program and we make sure that they can propose an editorial content respecting the principles set out above.
If you are interested in joining the team, please contact us via the Place Gre’net form.