Hydro’like, the chair dedicated to hydraulic plants of the future

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Alstom and INP, the Grenoble partnership foundation, recently inaugurated a new industrial endowed chair. Called Hydro’like, it will allow the company, already strongly established in Isere to develop hydraulic machines compatible with the growing demand for renewable energies.




Fabrication de turbines hydrauliques Francis sur le site Alstom Hydro à Grenoble - chaire industrielle Hydro'like avec Grenoble INP

© Alstom Hydro

« So far, the tur­bines ope­ra­ted like an elec­tri­cal switch : on or off » explains Maryse François-Xausa, Senior Vice President of Alstom Renewable, the divi­sion dedi­ca­ted to rene­wable ener­gies. « From now on, they will resemble a vol­tage varia­tor, able to adapt to various power levels. »


The stakes are high for Hydro’like, the new indus­trial chair inau­gu­ra­ted this Thursday, octo­ber 9th on the Grenoble site of Alstom Hydro. The goal is clear : improve the regu­la­tion sys­tem of hydrau­lic plants pro­duc­tion, inte­gra­ting the irre­gu­la­ri­ties of rene­wable ener­gies in the net­work.


One mil­lion euros will be allo­ca­ted to the chair over five years. This is a major inno­va­tion in the french hydro elec­tric indus­try and it will bene­fit both the indus­trial and the INP Institute of Grenoble, its engi­neer schools and research labo­ra­to­ries.






Hydro’like aims to promote the hydraulic industry




Fabrication de turbines hydrauliques sur le site Alstom Hydro à Grenoble - chaire industrielle Hydro'like avec Grenoble INP

© Alstom Hydro

« We’re dea­ling with multi-dis­ci­pli­nary research, cove­ring a large spec­trum », com­ments Brigitte Plateau, Chairman of the INP Grenoble.


« Hydraulic energy is nothing new but we must fur­ther edu­cate our stu­dents on its poten­tial and its strong impli­ca­tions in the deve­lop­ment of rene­wable ener­gies. »


Several pro­grams will be ini­tia­ted in part­ner­ship with stu­dents in order to raise the num­ber of appli­ca­tions and ulti­ma­tely, the amount of skilled pro­fes­sio­nals.


Another step for­ward for Alstom who had inau­gu­ra­ted in Grenoble, on Feb 2013, the glo­bal head­quar­ter of the tech­no­logy cen­ter dedi­ca­ted to hydro elec­tri­city. In the long run, the cen­ter should acquire ano­ther tur­bine test bench, mat­ching the level of equip­ment of public and pri­vate actors in the sec­tor.



By Paul Turenne

Translation by Cecile Boussier



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